Our role of the teacher is a partner in learning with the children.

By listening, observing and documenting children's work, our teachers guide the children's learning experiences and co-construct knowledge together.

Our teachers are fully committed to listening to the children with all of their senses, they use open-ended questions to develop a deeper understanding of the children's interest.

Our teachers are calm and respectful, embracing the role of time.  They are unhurried and fully present, supporting our philosophy and values. Teachers are active learners alongside the children.  Teachers prior knowledge is no longer valid it’s the children’s theories that is important.  Teachers need to have a theory about the child’s theory.


Rabbit Patch teachers are reflective practitioners, constantly reflecting and revisiting daily.  It takes a lot of time to really observe the children’s interests and watch and document the learning through exploration.

Teachers are co-constructors, researchers, documenters and advocates for the children.


“There is no one role of the teacher – but many.  Our teachers shift roles numerous times throughout their day with the children and one another, offering care and support, giving instruction, scaffolding learning with questions and materials, remaining silent as children solve problems independently, preparing environments, documenting children’s experiences, reflecting with colleagues to create curriculum, engaging in professional development and communicating with parents.  All of these roles – and more – are played out in any given day.

The work of the teacher is both demanding and uplifting – particularly for teachers working in Reggio inspired settings such as our own.  The work requires commitment to caring and thinking deeply and requires a significant amount of time and energy beyond the moments spent with children. “ Loris Malaguzzi

Teachers are co-constructors, researchers, documenters and advocates for the children.