Learn about our vision and mission and how it ensures a quality outcome for children.

Our Vision

To continually use best practice to provide quality outcomes for children, within a rich, child centred curriculum that provides opportunities to investigate, experience and express through meaningful play.

Our vision is inspired by the values and practices of the Reggio Emilia approach which incorporates social constructivist theory, which asserts knowledge is built by the learner internally rather than being imported from an external source.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide authentic learning experiences in a context that is interesting to the children. We aim to deepen children’s curiosity by providing them the opportunity to find answers on their own and wondering with them.

Our teachers work alongside the children to continually enhance essential skills such as negotiation, effective communication, establishing connections, problem solving, risk taking, and self directed engaged learning and social competence.

All of this is conducted with the image of the child as a capable, intelligent, powerful human being.

We believe respectful interactions and reciprocal relationships between, children, parent and teachers are at the heart of learning.