Mealtimes are a highly valued social occasion where children have the opportunity to eat together
and experience what the joy of food and dining can bring.

We ensure we provide an environment at mealtimes that is positive, relaxed and socially and culturally appropriate for the children to encourage social interaction and learning. The children are supported to be involved in setting the tables, ensuring there is a vase of flowers on each, and you will notice the children eat off crockery and drink out of glasses.

Real food with seasonal produce

Our resident cook prepares healthy and nutritious  “real food”  meals with seasonal produce,  encouraging  a culture of children developing healthy eating practices. Our healthy, well balanced meals offer children a wide variety of foods and includes hot lunches and morning and afternoon tea, and a late snack. We have a rotational menu, utilizing local produce and some food that is grown in the preschool gardens.

Together children and teachers embrace this time to come together to chat,
to share daily happenings and to connect.