Rabbit Patch is organised to facilitate close and effective collegiality among staff.


Each classroom has several teachers who work as part of a team. Our strong commitment to collaboration is fundamental to the workings of our community.

Teachers at Rabbit Patch work with an image of the child as rich in potential, strong, capable and confident.

Rabbit Patch challenges the traditional model of teaching, by asking its teachers to be fully committed to listening to the child, using all their senses, and respond deliberately and purposefully to what the child has to say.

We ask our teachers to be reflective, co-constructors, researchers, documenters and advocates for children.  Rabbit Patch teachers must be creative too.

If you think you meet our requirements, please contact us.

What is the teacher?

A guide, not a guard.

What is learning?

A journey, not a destination.

What is discovery?

Questioning the answers,

Not answering the questions.

What is the process?

Discovering ideas,

Not covering content.

What is the goal?

Open minds,

Not closed issues.

What is the test?

Being and becoming,

Not remembering and reviewing.

What is the school?

Whatever we choose to make it.

Alan. A Glathorn