Our People


I am founder and co-owner of Rabbit Patch. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a post graduate, Diploma of Teaching, from the University of Canterbury. Over the years I have attended two study tours in Reggio Emilia, and have been fortunate to visit many Reggio inspired settings and study groups around the world, including the UK, USA, Peru and Australia which has allowed me to deepen my understanding of how children learn and to form collegiality with many like-minded and inspirational world-leading practitioners. It has been through these many opportunities of collaboration that I have been able to, strengthen my understanding of the complexities of what it is to be Reggio inspired. A philosophy that is not only world-renowned but is beautiful and very special for children, teachers and families. It is my passion for this that has given me the inspiration to continue to explore and understand this approach, so we can continue to develop and refine the programme that greatly benefits Rabbit Patch today.

Over the years, my four children have attended Rabbit Patch, and although all grown up now, have extremely fond memories of being a part of the Rabbit Patch community. My daughter was one of the first children enrolled at Rabbit Patch Greers Road.