Our People


Kia Ora all

I first joined the Rabbit Patch Team in 2006 as a student teacher in the nursery. After graduating in 2007 with a degree in ECE,  I became a full time teacher at Rabbit Patch. Over the years I have developed my knowledge under the guidance of Patricia, Rabbit Patch Saffron Street, Centre Manager and other Rabbit Patch teachers. I was offered the role of Team Leader for room two which I happily embraced,  then in 2011 I became the  Centre Manager, Rabbit Patch, Memorial Ave.

Over the past 10 years I have spent extended periods of time working alongside the teachers and children in all three of the classes at Memorial Avenue, which I have loved.   I have travelled overseas to Melbourne, Italy and USA,  visiting amazing Reggio Emilia schools. I have also been fortunate to have worked alongside Kirsten ,in her role as Pedagogista,  gaining invaluable mentoring  and our Memorial wonderful Rabbit Patch teachers.

In 2012,  I travelled with Kirsten to the Reggio Emilia Summer School in Reggio Emilia Italy. During our two weeks in Italy we were privileged to be part of a very small group of people ever allowed to spend time within Infant & Toddler centres in Reggio Emilia. As well as the infant and toddler centres we also visited many Ateliers and a Remida Centre. Each of these preschools and ateliers had their own unique style and were clearly able to flourish due to the community involvement and spirit which was present.  Although the governance and the environment differ to our New Zealand setting I was able to take home inspiration for our own unique Rabbit Patch life.

The community that surrounds the Rabbit Patch Memorial Ave Centre is unique,  as there is limited residential housing within walking distance and the children from this Centre come from a very wide area. Our community is made up of families with varied and interesting occupations with many being airport campus personel. Over the years the children have made themselves very visible within the community as we have worked to establish our identity in our own unique community.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to travel again with Patricia. This trip was to Santa Monica, California,  to the Evergreen Community Preschool. This trip inspired the long term project/investigation work we now undertake with the children in all our classrooms.

My time away from work is spent with a local running group with my favourite runs being up in the Port Hills. When not running home renovations are underway.