Our People


I originate from Southland, Invercargill and studied at the Dunedin School of Art for three years to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. While at the School of Art I majored in photography and dabbled in painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramic arts and jewellery making.

In 2016 I moved up to Christchurch and completed a certificate in Makeup Artistry and Production, which was a yearlong course that incorporated movie grade special effects and face/ body casting.
I have always had a passion for working with children through artistic expression and Rabbit Patch’s unique philosophy allows me the opportunity to combine my deep love for Art with the incredible, ever-changing experience of working with children.

In my role as Atelierista, I use the creative languages in education, I love helping provide a space for children to become masters of expressive techniques such as working with clay, paint, wire, loose parts, just some of the many creative languages. I support the children to engage in sensorial participation giving a sense of empowerment aligning with Te Whāraki our NZ Early Childhood curriculum. I also really enjoy working with the other Rabbit Patch teachers in such a collaborative setting.

I look forward to working alongside your children in the Atelier.