Investigations / Projects

An investigation may ignite from a variety of ways, such as; a new provocation introduced by a teacher, or a question of a child, or a problem confronted by a group of children. Whilst the inspiration behind each investigation can differ, an investigation typically begins to develop when a teacher recognises it’s potential, joins the children in their wonderment and begins to the cycle of listening observing, discussing, documenting and interpreting. Using the information gained through observation, interpretation and collaborative dialogue, teachers support the children’s curiosity and theories, encouraging further investigation.

Project work is a concept that describes the pursuit of an idea over time. We strive to give children spans of uninterrupted time to pursue their own interest.

The teachers carefully observe and record the children and allow experiences and the environment to support and extend their interests. These projects might last a few minutes or several months. Documentation of projects through photographs and words reflect the children’s work back to them, increasing understandings and encouraging them to revisit their work and take it to a deeper level.